Here is a glimpse of some of the beautiful Deliqa sapphires that have made someone happy! 

(Not in any particular order.)

Gemstones on this page are sold out. Due to the nature of natural sapphires, we cannot guarantee to find an identical or similar sapphire as appeared here. However, we can guarantee that you will find your own magnificent sapphire in our current collection. Please email with your enquiry. 



natural sapphire blue 4 carat cornflower royal oval unheated

4 carat unheated oval blue sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

blue sapphire 2 carat cornflower blue untreated certified

2 carat radiant cut blue sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

cornflower blue sapphire 5 carat loose gemstones melbourne australia

5 carat natural blue oval sapphire for bespoke engagement ring



2 carat round blue green natural sapphire for fine jewellery


2 carat Emerald Cut Cornflower Blue Sapphire


Radiant cut blue sapphire for custom engagement ring  



1 carat round green sapphire for personal collection


Radiant cut yellow sapphire for engagement ring


Radiant cut light pink sapphire, natural unheated  



0.8 carat light silver grey blue radiant cut sapphire


1.5 carat violet natural gemstone engagement ring


Sky blue baguette  unheated sapphire 



2 carat sky blue unheated emerald cut sapphire for engagement ring.


3 carat lavender blue untreated sapphire for engagement ring


2.5 carat untreated blue green parti sapphire for engagement ring


Silver light steel blue Ceylon sapphire for custom ring made as a gift for self


2.5 carat natural chocolate brown sapphire in a ring to create a gift for self


2.7 carat square emerald cut sky blue sapphire for engagement



1 carat round pink sapphire for custom engagement ring


Sky blue natural sapphire for bespoke engagement ring


Yellow green cushion sapphire for custom engagement ring  



2 carat unheated cornflower blue oval sapphire for engagement ring


1.6 carat royal blue unheated natural sapphire for engagement ring


2 carat grey silver blue unheated oval sapphire for bespoke engagement ring  



1.3 carat Emerald cut light sky blue natural sapphire for custom engagement ring


2.6 carat natural blue green emerald cut Madagascar sapphire  for engagement ring


1.6 carat orangish pinkish yellow peach sapphire for engagement ring  



2 catat mauve purple unheated radiant cut natural sapphire

gNatural Radiant Cut Blue Sapphire engagement ring

1.3 carat radiat cut light blue sapphire for engagement ring


1.5 carat orangish pink natural sapphire made to a ring 



3.8 carat Oval Ceylon blue sapphire for a present for self made in to a ring


1.5 carat unheated padparadscha sapphire for engagement ring


4 carat unheated oval blue Sri Lankan sapphire pendant  



0.8 carat Unheated Cinnamon Sapphire


3.3 carat unheated natural blue sapphire pendant


1.4 carat unheated apricot sapphire engagement ring  



1 carat emerald cut natural blue sapphire ring


1.5 carat radiant cut blue sapphire for custom engagement ring


1.6 carat Natural Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire for engagement ring  



1.6 carat Greenish Yellow Loose Sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

2 carat cushion blue green sapphire for engagement ring

1.6 carat unheated bluish green Ceylon sapphire for bespoke anniversary ring


2 carat unheated cornflower Ceylon sapphire bespoke engagement ring


oval cornflower blue loose gemstone sapphire for engagement ring

1.5 carat unheated oval strong medium blue sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

2 carat round brilliant cut blue sapphire custom engagement ring

2 carat unheated round blue Ceylon sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

1 carat cornflower blue asscher cut blue sapphire for engagement ring

1 carat unheated square emerald cut Ceylon blue sapphire for birthday


1 carat cushion blue green madagascar sapphire

1.5 carat unheated bluish green cushion sapphire

violet sapphire 1 carat round brilliant cut

Round untreated purple sapphire for bespoke ring

sky blue emerald cut 2 carat sapphire

2.5 carat sky blue untreated emerald cut Ceylon sapphire


blue sapphire oval untreated 5 carat

5 carat unheated oval blue Ceylon sapphire for personal collection

round brilliant cut blue sapphire loose gemstones

6mm 1 carat round blue sapphire for present for self

cushion blue sapphire ceylon untreated

2 carat unheated conflower blue sapphire bespoke engagement ring


1 carat round blue sapphire untreated

Round 1 carat blue Ceylon Sapphire for jewellery

light pastel pink cushion sapphire natural unheated

1.5 carat pastel pale pink cushion cut sapphire 

3 carat cushion unheated cornflower blue sapphire

3 carat unheated cushion cornflower blue sapphire 


light sky blue unheated sapphire 2 carat

1 carat Sky blue unheated oval sapphire


8 carat cushion vivid medium blue natural sapphire

1 carat rectangular radiant cut Ceylon blue sapphire

1 carat radiant cut Ceylon blue sapphire


2 carat royal blue cushion sapphire unheated

2 carat Royal blue cushion sapphire for engagement ring

sapphire blue Asscher cut 2 carat square engagement ring

Square asscher cut 2 carat sapphire engagement ring

sapphire cornflower blue unheated oval 2 carat

2.3 carat unheated oval cornflower blue sapphire


rey sapphire cushion unheated loose gemstones melbourne Australia

1.5 carat natural unheated square cushion grey sapphire birthday present for mum


4 carat vivid medium yellow unheated sapphire for bespoke engagement ring

2 carat cushion light yellow sapphire gemstone ceylon engagement rings

2 carat unheated vivid light yellow cushion sapphire engagement ring 


1 carat oval unheated pink sapphires

1 carat natural peach pink sapphire for engagement ring

royal ble sapphire sri lanka

2 carat Ceylon royal blue sapphire  custom engagement ring

oval green sapphire engagement rings australia

1.5 carat natural green sapphire engagement ring


1 carat blue green unheated madagascan oval sapphire for engagement ring


2 carat cushion cut unheated Ceylon sky blue sapphire for custom engagement ring 


2 carat untreated purple plum  oval sapphire bespoke engagement ring



2 carat untreated blue green parti sapphire for engagement ring


3 carat ruby red violetish untreated colour change naturalsapphire 


4 carat natural cornflower blue trilliant sapphire present for self


3 carat cornflower Ceylon blue unheated natural sapphire 


4 carat cushion cut unheated cornflower blue sapphire  

  teal sapphire engagement ring 3 carat

3 carat oval blue green parti sapphire custom engagement ring

yellow-sapphire-round-unheated-untreated-1-carat-ys206.jpg1 carat round natural yellow sapphire for a pendant 

champagne-peach-natural-sapphire-oval-unheated-gemstone-os317.jpgChampagne peach colour oval sapphire for engagement ring 

square-radiant-emerald-natural-violet-ceylon-unheated-sapphire-gemstone-engagement-ring-vs392a.jpg  Natural Violet Sapphire for engagement ring 

3 carat olive green square sapphire for engagement ring 


2 carat royal blue sapphire for engagement ring  


1.6 carat light blue oval sapphire for engagement ring

2 carat cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire 


3 carat Emerald cut Ceylon blue sapphire  


2 carat unheated square yellow sapphire 

3 carat blue green unheated oval sapphire 


Unheated cornflower blue Asscher square emerald cut sapphire  


 2 carat unheated emerald cut ruby sapphire 




Prices are by request. We would love to work with your jeweller if you have one or perhaps we can put you in touch with a talented jeweller.

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