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SOLD 1.44 ct Vivid Hot Pink Natural Cushion Sapphire

SOLD 1.44 ct Vivid Hot Pink Natural Cushion Sapphire
Species: Natural Corundum
Colour: Pink
Carat: 1.44
Shape & Cut: Cushion Mixed Cut
Clarity: VS to Eye Clean
Dimensions (mm):    

7.35 x 5.32 x 3.82

Enhancement: Unheated
Origin: Madagascar 


This certified cushion cut vivd hot pink natural sapphire from Madagascar is suitable for a custom engagement ring or to celebrate an anniversary.

It has characteristic unheated Madagascan sapphire inclusion - fine bright crystals. These are visible in strong lighting, mostly eye clean. 

Highly saturated hot pink colour with perhaps the slightest hint of orange which makes its looks like a padparadscha sapphire at times.  

Certificate will be uploaded shortly. Please feel free to enquire. 

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