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SOLD 1.43 ct Unheated Natural Oval Blue Sapphire

SOLD 1.43 ct Unheated Natural Oval Blue Sapphire
Species: Natural Corundum
Colour: Blue
Carat: 1.43
Shape & Cut: Oval Mixed Sapphire
Clarity: Eye Clean, minute uneveness along girdle 
Dimensions (mm):

6.58 x 6.07 x 4.48

Enhancement: None
Origin: Sri Lanka

Beautifully hand cut natural oval blue sapphire. Slight unevenness along girdle on one side due to a natural pit. It is a perfect stone to be set in bezel setting. 

Sapphire engagement ring design ideas with this oval blue sapphire. 

  • White diamond halo for a classic princess Diana style sapphire engagement ring. 
  • Side round diamonds one, two or three stones running along the band.  
  • How about a pale pink diamond halo for something completely different?