2.17 ct Unheated Cushion Cut Vivid Medium Pink Sapphire

Pink with a touch orange
L x W x D (mm):
7.56 x 6.31 x 4.79
Cushion Mixed Cut
Eye Clean
Suggested Origin:

Exquisite 2 carat cushion vivid pink sapphire with a touch orange. Beautifully hand cut to give lots of life and sparkle to this gem. Natural clarity and colour free of any treatments. Over 2 carat certified natural pink sapphires of this calibre are a rare find. True gem to treasure.

According to GIA 99% of sapphires have been treated in some form. Unheated means this sapphire has not had any treatments including the common heat treatment and therefore the colour and cleanliness is completely due to natural formation and survival of the gem over many thousand years.   

When we source our sapphires, we make sure they are of the fine gem quality and will be the highlight on its own right irrespective of the jewellery design; we make sure that the gemstone can be set in the simplest solitaire engagement ring setting and it will be the best looking ring one will ever own. Plenty to imagine with this magnificent pink sapphire. 

If you do not have a jeweller, talk to us about referring you a custom jeweller who can do their magic to create a special custom jewellery piece with this gemstone.