Posted by Sasha Gammampila on 29th Jul 2016

Wow, it has been a busy couple of months with many are getting ready for spring proposals here in Australia and with those who have been proposing over spring overseas. We are also busy planning a couple of exciting new projects. It is poor of me not to have written a blog recently, no excuses!

We have also had some amazing new sapphires coming in to store.

2 carat square princess cut unheated ceylon blue sapphire engagement ring

his is a 2 carat square radiant cut sapphire, absolutely breathtaking. As you would probably know I am very much of a modern cut sapphire fan such as this one. This stone was cut to perfection in Sri Lanka under my father’s cutting instructions and I am very proud of the result. This sapphire is naturally clean and the colour is just light enough to offer high brilliance. For those who love Ceylon blue colour, this would be an ideal sapphire. Those who have been in the industry long enough says that this colour is only found in Sri Lankan sapphires. It has a very good face size for its carat weight. Perfect for a Ceylon sapphire engagement ring or a special anniversary gift.

2 Carat Unheated Royal Blue Sri Lankan Sapphire Engagement Ring

This sapphire also gets me excited for its cheeky appearance. Sapphire is completely rich blue from the front however when you look at the back you will see that a small patch of colour near culet gives the whole stone complete colour. These types of sapphires are called ‘Ottu’ in Sri Lanka. In Singhalese it means ‘gamble’ but I am not entirely sure if that is what it means when referring to ‘ottu sapphire’. There is also a video under the listing. This is very clever cutting. You can call this rich vivid medium blue, ’Royal Blue’. This sapphire also has high brilliance.

2 Carat 7mm Unheated Round Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

This is a 7mm Sri Lankan round blue sapphire, also in ‘Ceylon blue’ colour. Stone is cleverly cut to preserve the strength of the colour, magnificent brilliance. It is very difficult to come by round sapphires over 2 carat. So it is exciting to be able to offer this to you. Ideal for a round sapphire engagement ring.

Grey silver steel blue sapphire loose gemstone

If you are looking for a silverish blue / greyish blue / steel blue sapphires and natural grey sapphires, don’t let this one slip. This is a silverish blue sapphire.

Absolutely breathtaking, brilliantly radiant cut and natural clean unheated sapphire. Perfect size for an amazing sapphire engagement ring.

My love for modern cuts continue with this magnificent two and a half carat emerald cut blue sapphire. Also a naturally clean unheated sapphire. Again, Ceylon soft medium blue colour. High lustre and reflection of light. If you have been eyeing for an emerald cut natural sapphire engagement ring, this might be the one.’

I know I have mentioned the suitability of these sapphires for engagement rings and for special occasions but like I tell all my clients, don’t wait for your partner to get them for you, it might be too late by the time they come around. If you love it, get it now or regret later, because you don’t always come across a stone that will really capture your heart. And because these are natural, coloured gemstones no two are the same. I am saying this because I have already had a few clients who have been relying on their partners to surprise them but and then missed out. No one else can completely understand how much you really want that beautiful stone!