3.03 ct Square Emerald Cut Green Sapphire Certified Unheated

SKU: GS1068

$6,060 AUD $6,666 AUD

This luscious green sapphire suggests an illusion of “midnight at the oasis”. Lush and tranquil with its splendid shades of blue-green and enhanced by its well-proportioned square cut of over 3 carat. A natural certified unheated Madagascan green sapphire that is refreshing and serene and certainly no mirage.

Carat: 3.03
Colour: Green
L x W x D (mm): 7.71 x 7.51 x 5.07
Cut: Square Emerald Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean. Colour banding visible. These are not inclusions. 
Treatment: Unheated
Origin: Madagascar
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