Sri Lanka, the island of exotic gems has a colourful gem mining and trading history of at least 2500 years. Sapphires of unusually fine quality are found in Sri Lanka in a variety of stunning hues, including blue, pink, yellow, peach, orange and pinkish orange (padparadscha). To date, Ceylon sapphires are the most popular of all sapphires due to their vibrant hues and special brilliance. 

We are pleased to be carrying one of the best selection of Ceylon sapphires to cater the modern market. 

Sri Lanka is one of the only gem producing countries that has been producing sustainable quantities of gemstones with minimal environmental impact for over 2,000 years. To maintain the sustainability of gem production, mining in Sri Lanka is generally carried out in small scale using labour intense traditional mining practices than the use of machinery. 

As one of the major income generating industries in the country, it is in everyone's best interest to maintain sustainability of production. Due to legislative restriction to protect the income for locals, you do not come across larger international companies taking over mining areas for heavy mining.

Mining in Sri Lanka is in conducted in partnership of approximately ten parties including miners. All parties share the profits from the sale of gemstones.  

Sri Lanka Gem Corporation oversights sustainability of mining and the Mines and Minerals Act of 1992 prohibits any person under the age of 18 from participating in gemstone mining. 


Our showroom is conveniently located online. 

Deliqa Gems is a registered business name in Australia. All stones are brought to Melbourne directly from Sri Lanka and shipped worldwide from Melbourne.  


Unheated sapphires have not gone through any treatment process including traditional heat enhancement. These stones were mined as they are and simply cut and polished. High quality unheated sapphires are extremely rare in nature. Deliqa Gems only supply finest unheated natural sapphire. 


Staying true to nature, we wanted ensure that our customers have the access to absolutely natural sapphires. Rarity, beauty and durability are the three values of a gemstone. Just to sum it up in a measurable number, on average 95% of the sapphires available in the market today have been through some form of treatment (source: GIA) and only 5% are unheated sapphires. What is available at Deliqa Gems are some of the finest nature has to offer.


Absolutely nothing wrong with any form of treatment as long as it fits customer’s purpose, what it is worth to them, aware of what they are purchasing and are aware of the care instructions. As well as beauty and durability, gemstones are valued and fascinated for their rarity; unheated sapphires are rarer and original. 


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Expected delivery time within Australia is 1-2 business days and 2-7 business days internationally. Destination customs may delay the delivery.


Loose sapphires will be accepted by Deliqa Gems for refund or exchange (excluding any shipping charges and taxes) only from the purchaser identified on the invoice and only if returned in original condition along with supporting documents (i.e. gem identification report), within 14 days of delivery and accompanied by the original invoice. You must contact us prior to return.
You can choose a suitable postage method for returning an item, we suggest that you choose an insured and trackable method.
Import taxes imposed by your home country (if applicable) and the postage costs for returning the item are non-refundable and will have to be borne by the buyer.
Transactions including returns are processed in US Dollars. Therefore the refunded amount may vary in your currency according to exchange rate fluctuations at the time of refund.
This generous 14-day period allows you to inspect the stone to your personal taste.



We ship to most countries except to countries that have shipping/ import restrictions or are excluded from the PayPal payment system. If you are unsure, please contact us to confirm. 


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All our stones are accompanied by a gemological certificate issued by an independent gemmologist. Should you wish we can arrange a certificate from a lab of your choice in Melbourne, Australia at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. 


Corundum (the gem material of sapphire and ruby) is the second hardest gem material at hardness 9 on Mohs scale, second only to diamond (10), making it a highly durable and easy to look after gemstone.


Yes, we have a database of some excellent independent jewellers that will work with you. Contact us to see if we know of someone in your area.


Photographing gemstones is challenging. Understandably gemstones sparkle when the light reflects off it with movement; the same facet that gives the stone a beautiful sparkle will show a dark or white shadow when photographed. Colour may still vary slightly from the actual colour.