Here is everything you need to know before purchasing your teal, blue green or parti natural sapphire. 

What are blue green sapphires? 

Blue green sapphires are those that display both blue and green in them. Blue green natural sapphires have recently become popular among those who are looking for an alternative sapphire engagement ring, a none traditional colour. It is also an earthy colour and some of us adore earthy colours. 

What are parti sapphires? 

Sapphires that display more than one colour in a distinctive way are known as parti sapphires, a shortened name after the word "partition". The term "parti sapphires" are mostly referred to blue green sapphires or teal sapphires, however there are multiple other colours that come in more than one colour. There are more commonly known as bi-colour sapphires. 

Where are blue green sapphires mined? 

Blue green sapphires are found in Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Australia and the United States.

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How do blue green sapphires get their colour? 

Gem producing countries which has rich iron content in earth which makes ideal conditions for the formation of blue green sapphire colour. Iron is also a quencher of light which means when light falls on to the gemstone, it absorbs much of the light instead of reflecting. This makes blue green and teal sapphires much darker. Blue green and teal sapphires from Madagascar for example typically has less iron content that those sapphires found in Australia for example. Therefore, typically Madagascan blue green and teal sapphires tend to be  much more reflective and brighter than typical Australian sapphires. 

Blue green sapphires are not found in Sri Lanka due to low iron content in soil.

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Blue-Green sapphire colours

Blue green sapphire colours can vary from mint green to deep forest green to teal colours and bluish green. There are also yellow green sapphires from some localities.

Presently, deep blue green sapphires attract a higher price than that of yellow green sapphires. Deep blue green sapphires are more highly sought after.

When a talented gem cutter cuts a blue green sapphire, she or he will attempt to place the table or front of the stone in the direction where the sapphire will appear mostly blue green while also maximising the yield of the natural crystal.

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In naturally coloured unheated blue green sapphires, no two will be the same making it incredibly difficult to find pairs. This is why natural unheated blue green sapphires are very much special.  

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