1.19 ct Vivid Blue Cushion Cut Natural Unheated Sapphire

SKU: BS630

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Magnificent natural vivid blue cushion cut Ceylon sapphire to create a delicate sapphire engagement ring. 

This 1 carat blue Ceylon sapphire can be classified as royal blue. Its ivid blue colour and clarity is completely natural and free of treatments. Absolute clever cutting, placing the colour patch to bring out the best of colour. It has some colourless flashes around the gem that you can call it a bi colour sapphire as well. Certified natural blue sapphire. 

Carat: 1.19
Colour: Ceylon Royal Blue with some colourless around corners
L x W x D (mm): 6.18 x 5.03 x 3.76mm
Cut: Cushion mixed cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Unheated Certified
Origin: Ceylon
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