2.19 ct Mid Blue Radiant Cut Natural Unheated Sapphire

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Medium Blue Sapphire
L x W x D (mm):
7.50 x 5.93 x 4.98mm
Radiant cut
VS to Eye Clean - dot like inclusion left from rough stone
Certified Unheated
Suggested Origin:
Ceylon (Rakwana area)


Bright and sparkly magical strong medium blue sapphire from Rakwana area in Sri Lanka. This colour is commonly known as Ceylon cornflower blue sapphire colour. Rakwana area is popular for this bright medium blue colour. Rich medium blue colour such as this is a rare occurrence in its natural form without any treatments. Certified untreated natural blue sapphire.  

This sapphire has been beautifully hand cut to its rectangular radiant cut shape in Sri Lanka. 

Minor divot left behind from the natural rough sapphire visible if looked closely but mostly eye clean. 

According to GIA 95% of sapphires have been treated in some form. Unheated means this sapphire has not had any treatments including the common heat treatment and therefore the colour and cleanliness is completely due to natural formation and survival of the gem over many thousand years.   

But the loose sapphire or talk to us about creating a custom jewellery with this beautiful blue sapphire.