By the time you are reading this blog, you have already chosen that a sapphire engagement ring is what you will choose to treasure as a token of love.

Alternative engagement rings have been a topic for sometime now with more and more brides choosing sapphires as their engagement ring gemstone. As a highly durable gemstone, modern girls are becoming more aware of the beauty, rarity and the cheerfulness of wearing a coloured sapphire as their engagement ring in comparison to a diamond. A sapphire engagement ring is of course a cheerful icebreaker. A diamond engagement ring is precious and is a token of love but tell me more!!

Today I wanted to talk about alternative sapphire engagement rings. When you think of a sapphire engagement ring, what may come to mind is a dark royal blue engagement ring worn by princess Diana. As much as it is a stunning ring, it probably is not modern young bride’s colour of choice. Brides nowadays are wanting something alternative to what is widely thought as the sapphire engagement ring.

Natural sapphires come in many more colours than dark royal blue sapphire colour. Natural sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow and more! Not only that, they come in all shades of each colour as well.

Gone are the days when royal blue sapphire was the only choice of colour that was offered to brides. Come to think of it, it was not a choice? I am always excited to say that each to their own and it comes down to your choice.

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."
— Coco Chanel

While some brides are looking for bright pastel colour sapphires, another is looking for dark steel or brown toned sapphires.

Here I will show you some options for both choices for an alternative sapphire engagement ring.

Apart from the pastel champagne peach sapphire weighing over 3 carat pictured above, let’s have a look at some light pastel colour sapphires in various hues.

Pastel fairy floss pink natural sapphire weighing nearly 3 carat 


Over 2 carat bright pastel pink oval sapphire 

Pastel pink, champagne and yellow colours have picked up so much momentum from young brides as an alternative sapphire engagement ring option. These pastel coloured natural sapphires have plenty of sparkle to make you swoon.

Lets have a look at some darker colour sapphires as an alternative. I find these colours to be intriguing and quite mysterious. I must say featured here are some of the finest darker colours nature has to offer. They are clean and free of any treatments and very well cut by hand by our skilled cutter to achieve spellbinding flashes of colour.

One carat cognac pink brown colour shift sapphire 

Over 3 carat natural unheated dark blue green oval sapphire from Madagascar 

Ove 2 carat natural chocolate brown oval sapphire from Madagascar 

Ove 3 carat natural dark steel blue green cushion sapphire from Madagascar 

I hope after reading this you now have a better idea about your choices for an alternative sapphire engagement ring! 

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