Alternative engagement rings follow the trend of expressing your special love connection by getting engaged or married in more non-traditional ways. Couples in love want a ring that celebrates their individuality while representing who they are and the life they want to build together. It becomes a unique symbol of their love.

For millennials to Generation Z an alternative engagement ring or commitment ring and a move away from traditional rings is a liberating choice.

 The round solitaire or trilogy style of the classic engagement ring, usually showcasing diamonds, has long been the traditional choice of our parents and grandparents however today’s generation is more individual, playful, creative and adventurous to break the mould. 

Fashion-loving, unconventional, eco-conscious and well researched couples with progressive attitudes are seeking out new interpretations of their union either by replacing a diamond with a coloured stone, or more contemporary styles of alternative engagement rings by exploring the cut of a gemstone, asymmetry of the setting and ring design or mixing up the metals.

Their engagement ring may incorporate subtle references to sentiment, places visited together, laughter, secret messages and authentic personal references.

Paving their own way with one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings allows couples to incorporate their own aesthetic and personality which might reflect some inspiration from the gem colour, antique or Art Deco eras, retro or avant-garde genres, deconstructed or asymmetric vibes in whichever makes perfect sense to them.

Jewellery is an important and emotional purchase and investment with many things to consider such as type, cut and colour of gemstones, the carat weight of the gemstone and the preferred metal, style (classic or contemporary), and budget. Achieving the desired alternative engagement ring often involves having your own bespoke creation realised.

Alternative Sapphire Engagement Rings

Conceiving a contemporary engagement ring with a cutting-edge original design, or a more classic design with a twist, while enhancing the lustrous beauty of a Deliqa Gems sapphire will also entwine the unique emotions and life stories of two people in love. Following are some of the magnificent alternative sapphire engagement rings that Deliqa Gems have created.

New Look Starburst Halo Sapphire Ring

The traditional forever love and commitment starburst halo design engagement ring has evolved into a jewellery piece that captures the essence of the wearer and partner while maintaining its effortless elegance. The innovation may be seen with the introduction of a coloured central stone or an equally beautiful coloured halo replacing more traditional diamond on diamond designs. Couples might find a coloured central stone reflects a part of themselves or their relationship or indeed reminds them of a significant place or sunset for example that can be narrated into their bespoke creation. 

A striking new look classic cluster engagement ring featuring an unheated cushion shaped vivid pink Madagascan sapphire encircled by a starburst style halo of fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds. The use of 18k pink gold in the setting adds a pink crush of colour to the design. 

A magnificent pairing of the rare and natural padparadscha sapphire, pear shaped, with its pinkish orange hues from Sri Lanka, resting in a halo nest of Australian fancy light pink diamonds from the Argyle mine and set in 18k rose gold. 

Dazzling Double Halo Sapphire Ring

A dazzling double halo custom-made ring offers a fusion of romance and hypnotising geometry and a brilliance way beyond a traditional single halo. The juxtaposition of geometrical outlines compliments a coloured central gemstone and is a real showstopper, but paradoxically the jewels can also create a balance between superstar and informal.

Vivid sky-blue finest natural untreated Ceylon sapphire with double diamond halo in an 18k white gold setting. This bespoke vision with its modern colour choice and style upgrade, dash of opulence and degree of decadence reflects the appetite for personal expression in an alternative sapphire engagement ring.

Creative Minimalist Sapphire Engagement Ring

Without sacrificing on style, a simple classic solitaire (and in this case) with embellished band is the ultimate in understated minimalist design and leaves a lasting impression of sophisticated beauty. A minimalist sapphire engagement ring can have a central coloured gemstone with a fancy cut on a plain band or a popular dainty look with smaller stones and a narrower band. The “less is more” minimalist design will stand the test of time, never go out of fashion and compliment other wardrobe and jewellery choices. A clean pared-back statement minimalist ring can co-ordinate with your overall look and also entertain a clever stacking ring or two without distraction.

This Deliqa Gems pristine unheated Ceylon cornflower blue sapphire is cradled in an 18k white gold setting continuing into a narrow band set with sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds forming a timeless alternative sapphire engagement ring. The central square emerald cut blue sapphire is even more striking when paired with white diamonds creating an illusion of more light and shine.

Art Deco Inspired Alternative Sapphire Ring

The Arts Décoratifs period popping up in the mid-1920s gave rise to a new design aesthetic to reflect the optimism, playfulness and hope of a new beginning after WW1. Influenced by the geometric forms of Cubism, the bright colours of Fauvism, the Ballets Russes and Egyptian motifs to name a few, literally had designers reaching for the stars from incredible skyscraper architecture to a modern desire of design fluidity and symmetry.

Jewellery evolved into sleek streamlined geometric patterns, incorporating bold coloured gemstones and showcasing a lighter coloured metal of platinum or white gold. Today’s modern bride is craving something more unique and perhaps a bit rebellious, turning to an Art Deco style engagement ring to be inspired and to create their own personal memory for life. To change things up a bit couples might choose a lighter coloured gemstone with a warmer coloured metal or weave a linear display of symmetry and milgrain in a contemporary textural update, liberating their choices in the essence of vintage and the Art Deco movement.

A hypnotising play on geometry is this beaming radiant cut unheated Ceylon yellow sapphire encircled by a diamond halo and diamond set half band in 18k yellow gold. A fine example of how an alternative sapphire engagement ring inspired by the Art Deco era can be worn as a statement ring.

A stunning natural oval Ceylon unheated peach sapphire encircled by diamond aurora of the finest quality. The delicate milgrain detail of this vintage inspired 18k rose gold setting along with a foliate cluster of diamonds either side of the central halo enhance the beauty of this unique alternative sapphire engagement ring.

Sapphire Colour Play Ring

Magical and meaningful with exceptional artistic flair, the use of colour blocking and imagination creates a daringly exceptional visual feast in a colour play engagement ring. Confident and courageous this hand-crafted style of ring with its considered colour curation often relating to botanical textures and motifs are of undeniable and unforgettable beauty for the adventurous couple.

Electric Ceylon medium blue natural unheated sapphire surrounded by a starburst of rainbow-coloured exquisite sapphires, set in 18k gold conceives a modern translation of celebration, commitment or unity.

Inspired by nature to reveal an organic interpretation of a fitted wedding band to resemble a crown of flowers and snugly hug a custom-made lotus coloured padparadscha sapphire engagement ring. A floral garland of sapphire, ruby, and diamonds is truly a work of art that highlights the beauty and power of imagination to design an expression of individuality and love.

Dynamic Cluster Sapphire Ring

A dynamic cluster ring that captures the essence of a couple usually breaks the rules and contains contrasting features, be it organic, architectural, asymmetric or colour to fashion a bespoke alternative engagement ring silhouette. An atypical design that might borrow an idea from the past and add a modern twist to define a secret story and capture the drama of a non-conventional couple. On the flipside an organic approach to a dynamic cluster engagement ring might just be that touch of lightness of undulating curves to generate a discussion with a cool factor.

A ravishing radiant cut light grey blue Ceylon sapphire and diamond bespoke cluster ring which expresses a unique personality and design richness. Beautifully crafted in 18k yellow gold with a spectacular diamond fusion of round brilliants, pear and marquise cuts creating a diamond hug circling the luxurious light grey blue sapphire. Ideal ring for celebrating a special life event. 

A radiant cut peach unheated sapphire engagement ring emboldened each side by a trio of round brilliant cut diamonds forming an asymmetrical cluster and enhanced by an 18k yellow gold setting and half round band.

Sapphire Trilogy Ring

For those couples who respect sentimentality and tradition but want a subtle tweak to an old favourite then the Trilogy style engagement ring is for them. Original elements of a trilogy design consist of a central gemstone with two shoulder stones however with the addition of coloured gemstones, or a mix of metals this can transform a trilogy ring into a surprising modern chic update with a refreshing new façade.

A deep blue teal cushion cut unheated sapphire engagement ring enriched by pear shaped side diamonds and accentuated by an 18k rose gold setting and half round band in a creative trilogy non-traditional sapphire engagement ring.

Vivid oval unheated cornflower blue sapphire set in an elegant 18k yellow gold setting with diamond kite shaped shoulder inserts. 

Alternative engagement rings are creating new traditions to symbolise the union of two people. Couples are keen to express their individuality, personality and relationship to represent their life story past and future encapsulating memories, milestones, emotions and commitment. 

A unique custom-made alternative engagement ring from Deliqa crafts your personality and promise to one another in a symbol of love.

Designing with Deliqa Gems

Designing your own ring is less formal or mysterious now-a-days and a lot more fun. At Deliqa Gems we are just as excited as you are to help capture your vision in creating your unique, dream, alternative sapphire engagement ring. Whether you want to embrace imperfection or carve organic lines, or encase gemstones in sculptural settings Deliqa Gems can assist in creating your jewellery silhouette.

Deliqa Gems Sapphires

As a vibrant modern supplier of sapphires Deliqa Gems offers the perfect choice of exquisite gemstones. All sapphires are durable with a reading of 9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness making it more resistant to scratching and thus the most suitable coloured gemstone for jewellery that is worn every day.

All the sapphires at Deliqa Gems are natural and rare beauties of nature. Deliqa Gems has a unique approach whereby all sapphires are sourced exclusively, hand-picked and inspected to the highest finest quality. The characteristics of each sapphire which are mostly unheated, heat treatment is noted if present, are supplied in a Certificate of Authenticity. This creditability of the finest quality sapphires and unique / alternative sapphire engagement rings at Deliqa Gems can appreciate for many years to come and convert to a modern heirloom of the future.

Sapphires come in a myriad of colours from the softest sky blue, to cornflower to royal blue, the palest yellows, champagne, lemon to vivid canary yellows and syrupy apricots, spearmint, forest and citrine greens and dual personality blue-green teals, rosebud pinks, peach to lotus coloured padparadschas and hot pinks, violets and vivid purples.

Selecting a coloured sapphire is only the beginning with other parameters to consider as well. The size or carat weight of the stone, the cut – will it be round, oval, cushion, pear, marquise, fancy, radiant or emerald cut (or a mix of cuts), and which metal will compliment your design, gold – white, yellow or rose, platinum or palladium or a mix of metals.