Deliqa Gems are just as excited as you are to help capture your vision in creating a unique custom made jewellery silhouette.

Step 1: Choose a Sapphire

Select your treasured sapphire from our extensive selection of Deliqa sapphires online.

Step 2: Consultation

Call or email Deliqa Gems with your sapphire selection and design concept. We will collaborate with you to finalise the design, custom make process, time-frame and pricing. 

International and interstate customers: make a zoom appointment or continue to communicate via email.

Local Melbourne customers: make an in-person appointment at our South Melbourne studio.

Things to consider for your design concept:
Design style: discuss your unique design using concepts from our past designs on our website or your own design concepts.
Metal for the setting: yellow, white or rose gold, platinum or perhaps a mix of metals.
Use of accent stones: diamonds or smaller sapphires.

Please advise us in advance if you have a desired design completion date.

Lead-time for design production is between 6 - 10 weeks depending on design complexity.

Step 3: Deposit Payment

Deliqa Gems will invoice you for 50% deposit as per your design approval.

Step 4: Design Drawings

Deliqa Gems to provide final drawings of the design concept.

Step 5: Custom Make Process

Deliqa Gems to proceed with the making of your jewellery piece for completion within the time-frame.

Step 6: Final Payment and Delivery

International and interstate customers:
Deliqa Gems will inform you upon design completion and provide images. Upon receipt of the final payment Deliqa Gems will arrange secure delivery of your jewellery piece.

Local Melbourne customers:
We would love our local customers to see the final design in-person. The final payment can be made at the time of collection or prior to visiting us.