Ethically Sourced Sapphires

Here at Deliqa Gems, we take much pride in sourcing our natural sapphires ethically, from around the world.

The “unknown” is a scary place. I see this all too often coming from a country where gemstones are mined. Unless someone we can relate to, reassures us in a language we speak, we tend to assume the worse.

Thankfully for me, having grown up in Sri Lanka, I am in a position to relate to and to be well connected to the local trade in Sri Lanka and have the ability to speak with anyone from the mining community at a personal level. While I am much privileged to have this relationship, I do take it personally to represent their hard work the best possible way I know how, to those who cannot closely relate to them.

I am constantly reminded of how appreciative mining communities are of what we do, but I am rather grateful for everyone I work with. We absolutely love working together in this centuries old industry to bring the best for our clients. 

Ceylon rough sapphires

Natural sapphires mined in above mines, mainly yellow and blue sapphires. 
Majority, over 95% are not gem quality and difficult to be cut due to heavy inclusions. 

sapphire crystal rough

A fully formed rough sapphire crystal. As you can see from the earlier image, sapphires are not always found in fully formed crystals due to weathering. 

Ethically Mined Sapphires

Sri Lankan sapphires are a fabulous choice to buy ethical gemstones such as natural sapphires. Not only they are ethical, they are breathtakingly beautiful rare sapphires. Their clean, bright vivid colours are highly sought-after around the world. 
Small scale mines in Sri Lanka where we source our sapphires from leaves a far smaller footprint compared to any other mining country. Mining itself is closely regulated and large scale mining projects are restricted for longevity of supply and to minimise the environmental impact. Majority are shaft and tunnel mining. Open pit miners are required to revegetate the mining areas before they move on to the next area. Child labour is prohibited in Sri Lanka's gem mining. Miners also have a part ownership of the mine production itself. There is an immense trust between the miners and the mine owners. Therefore each parties are well cared and respected for.

Waking up at 4am, our team in Sri Lanka personally travels multiple times a week to meet with miners or mining representatives who collect small scale miners daily findings to offer for sale to see their findings. This means our ethically sourced Ceylon sapphires are traceable to the mine or to the area where the mines are located. This also means we have first hand access and an ongoing supply of magnificent gemstones throughout the year. 

Madagascar is a new source of gemstones, mainly sapphires with gems first found in Ilakaka in late nineties. Gem rush sent thousands of enthusiasts to mines. Gem deposits were later found in Ambatondrazaka and Didy areas. However, after the initial rush, mines are quieter, mechanical mining is reducing and is prohibited in most mining areas. They are moving to traditional mining with hand tools. Madagascan government is constantly working to improve the environment and sustainable mining taking example of Sri Lanka. 
Much like Sri Lanka, Madagascar produces spectacular sapphires in all colours. Madagascar soon became the world’s main source of blue, pink, green and purple sapphires, and it is to date. Without the production from Madagascar, sapphires will be a luxury only a few people can get their hands on and unaffordable to many.

Originally famous for Tanzanites, Tanzania produces some stunning natural sapphires and other gemstones. Mining in Tanzania started off similarly to Madagascar. After the initial rush, mines are quieter and moving towards hand tools.

Mozambique is another country that produces some incredible rubies and pink sapphires. Their colours are vivid, velvety bright and can be compared to Burma rubies. Deposits were found in recent years and much like how all mining areas started with, after the initial rush, there now is an open market place. Mozambique rubies are rare and highly sought after.  

While our team travels to Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania a few times a year, we have first hand relationships with those who are based in these countries, who is able to see the mining practices and work directly with mines enabling us to source sapphires ethically throughout the year. 

Mining is hard work but loved by all who are involved.


Ethical Gem Cutting

Our gemstones are then cut by our immensely talented cutters in Sri Lanka we constantly mentor and vice versa. As well as showing off our magnificent natural sapphires, there is nothing more pleasing for me than to be able to show off the talent of our Sri Lankan gem cutters. This also means our gemstones are completely hand cut without the use of automated machinery.
The beauty of our gemstones are that they are not as “perfect” as something that is cut by high technology machines. Our ethical gem cutting truly shows the beauty of a natural gemstone.

ethical gem cutting sri lanka

Buy Ethical Gemstones from a Reliable Supplier

While improvements can always be made environmentally in all countries, Deliqa Gems carries a range of ethically sourced sapphires from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Australia through our close, long term relationships.

We work with people, people with whom we have long term relationships with, people we deeply care about.    
Although we donate to many community and charity work, my personal belief always is to provide opportunities to create a living for those involved. Without a shadow of doubt, businesses are run for profit, but my difference is to create a living for all we work with, and not just ourselves. All the while giving our clients the opportunity choose from prettiest of gemstones they can cherish for many years to come.

We are not here to be the largest gemstone supplier but to rather be the best and to do the best for everyone.

 Sasha Gammampila