Natural gemstones contain unique birthmarks called “inclusions” (internal) and “blemishes” (external). Even a natural diamond that is flawless under 10x magnification would have inclusions that are visible under 20x magnification. These could be silk, fractures, feathers or cavities and so on. Inclusions are important to identify gemstone variety, various treatment methods and to differentiate them from immitants.

Unlike colourless diamonds, minor clarity difference does not always devalue a coloured gemstone. Coloured gemstones including sapphires do not have an internationally recognised clarity grading system. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) divides coloured gemstones into three types based on the relative tendency of birthmarks. Corundum (Sapphires) falls under Type II. Premium quality Type II stones have inclusions that can be seen under 10x magnification.

Deliqa Gems sapphires are graded at eye level under natural sunlight.


Eye Clean


Eye clean, but not necessarily under 10x magnification.  

Very, Very Slight Inclusions


Very, very small inclusions can be seen mostly from a side angle.

Very Slight Inclusions


Inclusions are visible. 

Slight Inclusions


Inclusions are easy to see.

Apparent Inclusions


Inclusions are apparent.