Happy Yellow Sapphires

Van Gogh considered the warmth of yellow to be the colour of friendship and squeezed pure chrome yellow directly from the tube onto his canvas.


Like Van Gogh we refer to yellow sapphires as having a happy or sunny disposition – often described as joyous, cheerful, luminous and with an ability to harmonise. The variety of yellow colour saturation extends from the palest yellows to vivid deep golds inclusive of bright tints of lemon, buttercup and canary to tones of rich syrupy oranges. The analogous colours of yellow on the colour wheel create the dulcet colour mixes with citrine green and randomly bi-coloured sapphires are conceived when mixed with its blue complementary colour.

Like many other gemstones, yellow sapphire has been given a range of historical meanings which are closely associated with success, luck and prosperity.

Over the course of millions of years, the presence of iron during formation can colour a sapphire and is the most common cause of colouration in yellow sapphires. Yellow sapphires are known for their high clarity and frequently have fewer inclusions than other sapphire colours. 

All sapphires are durable with a reading of 9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness making it more resistant to scratching and thus an ideal gemstone for jewellery that is worn every day. Sapphires also can be polished to a bright sheen creating an incredible scintillation of light.

An adventurous and attractive bespoke jewellery suite designed by Deliqa Gems using yellow sapphires and diamonds is a true partnership of a 3 carat unheated Ceylon yellow sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring with companion full band of fancy yellow round cut sapphires of nearly 2 carat set in 18k yellow gold.



Recently in the search for individuality yellow diamonds have become popular as a coloured stone engagement ring or other bespoke jewellery piece however yellow sapphires, due to their resemblance to yellow diamonds, make a highly desirable affordable alternative.

The enveloping petals of canary yellow and pink sapphires surrounding the yellow diamond flower centre of this ring from the Archi Dior collection 2014 shows an exquisite example of sapphires and diamonds in poetic harmony.



Yellow sapphires are a fashionable and fun gemstone to experiment with on design. These carefree “Jaune Jonquille” yellow sapphire earrings from the legendary 2019 “Gem Dior” collection exude happiness and evoke playfulness.



Just as Van Gogh literally saw the world bathed in yellow sun while in Arles, we believe that our yellow sapphires at Deliqa Gems with their vibrant hues and sun kissed complexions will bring sunshine and joy to those who choose to wear them.


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