Fine Jewellery Designs from International Jewellery Designers

Jewellery designs of engagement and dress rings have exploded into a world of raw imagination and fun. Sapphire engagement rings and other coloured gemstones are highly sort after and designs are driven by customers eager to celebrate their love with hidden secret details, or varying cuts or an unexpected mix of various gemstones and or colours.

There are no boundaries, as the high-end jewellery designers explore new techniques and visions to feed the creative demand with some spectacular results. The symbolic value carried by an engagement ring is personalised like never before.

The global and famous fine jewellery houses source superior quality natural gemstones, study the scale and balance of proportion and design, research new techniques and conceive breathtaking jewels that demand attention. 

Harry Winston’s inspiration is determined by their design philosophy to let the gemstones dictate the design with some wonderful examples shown following.

 The intricate artistry of this bespoke engagement ring uses a melange of diamonds of different cuts to create a romantic cluster engagement ring by Harry Winston. A clever design that could easily inspire a blue sapphire engagement ring.

The landscape and beauty of nature is portrayed in this Harry Winston Central Park Mosaic ring featuring diamonds, emeralds and blue sapphires.

The architectural elegance of this impressive Harry Winston “Eagle sub-series ring displays a pairing of fancy yellow and colourless diamonds, masterfully set to mimic a bird in flight.

A ring of complementary coloured gems surround a central natural pink sapphire and creates a pop of colour in this ring by Harry Winston “Candy Box” collection. The rare and coveted “lotus flower” coloured Padparadscha sapphire has created a new demand for their delicious mix of blush pinks and oranges.

The adored designs by Victoire de Castelllane, the creative director for Dior Fine Jewellery continue to be admired for their asymmetry, colours and element of surprise.

 The hypnotic play of colour in the Dior Jewellery “Tie-Dye” collection stretches a kaleidoscope of colour across this double ring including punchy pink and blue natural sapphires among the coloured gems. The rainbow hued gemstones create a game of movement of light and dark colour contrasts.

Van Cleef & Arpels, embodies a love story and marriage of a young couple from a precious gemstones and lapidary backgrounds and their daughter, who established a distinctive and eminently recognisable jewellery style. 

Not an engagement ring but a story of love under Van Cleef & Arpels “Lovebirds” theme. A parrot protecting its chick in a delicate harmony of pink and yellow sapphires, coral, garnets and diamonds.


A blue sapphire engagement ring like no other with the central sapphire encircled by a sparkling ribbon of diamonds. A true gift of love.


Deliqa Gems, for many years have been sourcing and offering remarkable quality natural sapphires to their clientele worldwide. Their attention to finest natural sapphires have carried on to their new, fine jewellery creations. Often custom created with individual wearer in mind, these collective works of art are investments of exquisitely crafted jewellery to tickle our emotions. Contact Deliqa Gems to begin creating your very own fine jewellery with their exquisite collection of natural sapphires



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