A question that I get asked frequently: how do you choose the “right” natural sapphire. Clearly there is no right or wrong sapphire.

The shortest and the easiest answer is if you fall in love with a particular sapphire the moment you see it, don’t think twice about it, buy it.

"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."

— Coco Chanel

This is irrespective of the cut, colour, clarity, weight and even the price! You can always make more money later, but you will never find two of the same sapphires (well if they are natural, unheated). Nature is an amazing mother who only creates one of each sapphire unlike many other gemstones and diamonds. Matching sapphire pairs are very rare and you will not find an exact match. So if you miss out on the one stone you love now, then you have missed out on it for life.

No two stones will give you the same level of excitement. I must say that if you have a particular shape, colour and a size in mind, you may be missing out on seeing the prettiest stone for yourself. I have had clients coming to me wanting a cushion cut but end up buying an emerald cut and vice-versa.

I completely disagree when particular sales persons advice customers of particular colours, shapes and say eye clean stones are the best! There is no such thing, what you love is the most valuable stone to you.

Even if you are getting it for someone, trust yourself to know that your partner or friend will be very excited with your choice.

This applies whether you are looking to have just one stone for your sapphire engagement ring or whether you wish to collect many stones.

As much as fashion is very much trend based, do not let what someone else have distract you from what you really love. Just like dresses, houses and everything else, if you change your mind, you can always get another sapphire you love at a later date, even if that means you have to remodel or remake a new engagement ring! We move from expensive house to house, change from expensive dress to dress, have multiple pairs of luxury shoes, so why not have multiple engagement rings you can wear day after day! With the same partner of course :) 

Now, get on it, don't let another steal your excitement! 

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