Today’s ultra confident women loves to be on top of the decision making chain and it is no different when it comes to choosing her engagement ring. Being a Generation Y and having designed my very own engagement ring together with my fiancé, I can relate to this very much. I can hear you say that my fiancé had no chance of selecting the sapphire on his own. Well, I’ll give you that.

Finding love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to mankind.

While it is still a beautiful thing to be surprised and to surprise your loved one, it is equally as memorable when the two together can share the excitement of selecting the gemstone and be involved in the design process.

So how do you propose without an engagement ring?

  • Propose with a token ring. The most important thing about proposal is the strength of your relationship. This will make her feel extra special knowing that you are giving her the opportunity to design the ring she will wear for the rest of her life.
    • Buy a ring from an antique shop. My then boyfriend (now husband) proposed to me with a token ring that he bought from an antique shop. It was a white gold ring with a tiny 2mm emerald and a diamond halo.
    • Propose with a silver ring. Without spending a lot of money, you can buy a ring from the Sunday market.
    • Propose with a family heirloom ring.
    • Propose with the loose gemstone. Our loose sapphires come in a luxury gemstone box with a glass display where you can see the sapphire. You can comfortably propose to her with this.

      Unless your girlfriend has hinted you to a ring she likes, proposing without an engagement ring takes the pressure off the fiancé to be from having to go through somewhat terrifying process of “would she like the engagement ring I choose!”..

      Having a bespoke sapphire ring made together make sure that she is a completely happy girl!

      At Deliqa Gems, we are all about serving the modern young women with a timeless piece. Our natural sapphires are unconventional, just like the woman you love!


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