Sapphire Engagement Ring Trilogy Designs

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd but we at Deliqa Gems beg to differ when it comes to trilogy sapphire diamond engagement rings. Trilogy sapphire rings make cherished engagement rings at Deliqa Gems as the choice of sapphire colours and cuts make for incredible combinations of three.

A trilogy ring is a group of three gemstones set side by side along a band. The centre stone is often larger, or set higher than the two other stones, which are identical and frequently used as fabulous sapphire diamond engagement rings. A second type of trilogy ring using three stones of the same size make impressive wedding bands, eternity and friendship rings.

Trilogy, or sometimes known as Trinity rings has become popular in modern day. The choice of gemstones, their colour and cut give Trilogy rings their individual personality.

The three stones in a trilogy sapphire ring can be very symbolic representing the different stages of a couple’s journey in "past", "present" and “future”. The centre stone representing the “present” or proposal is flanked on the left with the “past” (celebrating the memories leading up to the proposal) and on the right “future” (flagging the hopes and dreams ahead of them). Other relationships or commemorations can be celebrated in a trilogy ring by dedicating it to “friendship”, “love” and “devotion” or to “love”, “honour “ and “cherish”.

Natural sapphire trilogy rings make a popular choice at Deliqa Gems with a myriad of beautiful coloured sapphires from the softest sky blue, to cornflower to royal blue, the palest yellows, champagne, lemon to vivid canary yellows and syrupy apricots, spearmint, forest and citrine greens and dual personality blue-green teals, rosebud pinks, peach to lotus coloured padparadschas and hot pinks, violets and vivid purples.

After selecting a central sapphire, consideration must be given to the cut – will it be round, oval, cushion, pear, marquise, fancy, radiant or emerald cut. The twin shoulder gemstones are frequently diamonds and can offer an impressive creative difference with their range of cuts. Lastly the choice of metal that will compliment your design is chosen, using either white, yellow or rose gold, platinum, palladium or a mix of metals.

Following are some examples of the various combinations of sapphire colour and shape that can capture or personalise a modern trilogy sapphire engagement ring design.

Two round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.55 ct embrace a central showpiece 2 carat oval unheated cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire creating a traditional trilogy sapphire engagement ring. A playful mix of 18k white gold claws and a band of 18k yellow gold produce a modern twist to the design.

A 2.50 ct deep blue teal cushion unheated sapphire captured in a four claw 18k rose gold setting and half round band enriched by pear shaped diamonds pointing outwards from the centre stone. A unique blend of size, shape and colour for a natural sapphire trilogy ring. 

Custom designed natural sapphire trilogy ring featuring a stunning large 3 carat peony pink pear sapphire delicately elevated and balanced by identical linear tapered diamonds on each shoulder and all highlighted by an 18k rose gold setting and band.

A magnificent unheated Sri Lankan vivid cornflower blue sapphire of over 1 ct becomes the oval flower centre of this floral inspired natural sapphire trilogy engagement ring. Striking kite shaped twin diamonds with a total weight of 0.14 ct forming the petals radiate outwards from the central sapphire and all set in 18k yellow gold.

A gorgeous example of an emerald cut sapphire aligned on either side with tapered step cut trapezoid diamonds giving this sapphire diamond trilogy ring an Art Deco look. This unheated over 1 ct Ceylonese apricot sapphire with pinkish yellow hues is clutched in place by 18k yellow gold claws on a yellow gold band and keeps the palette honey toned and warm.

Two identical trillion cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.50 ct and their slightly rounded edges create an opposing but snug curve to the pear shape of the central 3 carat unheated blue sapphire. A ravishing statement sapphire trilogy engagement ring boasting an 18k yellow gold setting and band forming an integral visual harmony.

Custom design based on a classic sapphire diamond trilogy ring with an oval central sapphire accompanied by two icy white round brilliant diamonds of 2.8mm each on either side. Starring a gorgeous 2 carat oval natural pink sapphire of Sri Lankan origin nestled in a clever mix setting of 18k white and pink gold featuring rounded claws to match the curved edged gemstones.

 Symbolising yesterday, today and tomorrow this incredible sapphire trilogy engagement ring features a magnificent large 4 carat natural unheated Ceylon blue sapphire as the central stone. The medium blue hues of the sapphire are enhanced by two sparkling pear cut diamonds on each shoulder and the use of 18k white gold as the setting.

Trilogy sapphire diamond engagement rings create the ultimate sentimental token of affection.



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