Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring Designs

A sapphire engagement ring is a timeless, classic, elegant way to celebrate love. In our modern culture sapphire solitaires can be an heirloom following a family tradition or a bespoke creation to fit an individual’s preferences and can include one of the many beautiful colours of a sapphire - blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, grey, violet, teal, champagne and padparadscha.

Engagement rings can be traced back reliably as far as Ancient Rome and were placed on the ring finger of the left hand as it was believed this finger contained a vein that led to the heart. An engagement ring was given to a prospective spouse as a betrothal, promise or commitment to marriage and often in the form of a simple solitaire gemstone engagement ring.

Solitaire sapphire engagement rings grew in popularity during the 13th century when a mandatory waiting period before marriage was introduced by Pope Innocent III. This “engagement" period confirmed one’s faithfulness as it was believed that the colour of a sapphire would fade if worn by an impure or dishonest person.

During the 14th and 15th centuries there was a resurgence of sapphire engagement rings as medieval royalty, nobility and clergy members believed that blue sapphires represented holiness, honesty and wisdom and offered unique protective powers against envy and harm as their colour symbolised heavenly blessings.

Fresh demand for sapphire engagement rings grew during the Art Deco period of the 1920’s when sapphires were introduced as haloes to complement a central diamond stone, however, during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when the price of diamonds collapsed, the interest of sapphires starring as a central stone in a solitaire engagement ring became wildly popular.

Sapphires have for centuries been historically linked to the Ceylonese gem trade and are an important part of the Sri Lankan national culture. Sapphires make an exquisite choice for a solitaire engagement ring due not only to their rich history and symbolism of good fortune but also their extra-ordinary colours and durability.

Deliqa Gems offers a cornucopia of spectacular coloured sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar of various luxurious colours, carats and cuts all of which are an attractive choice for natural sapphire solitaire rings limited only by your imagination.

After selecting the sapphire colour, carat size and cut there are a number of other features to consider when creating your natural sapphire solitaire ring. Here are some examples of nuances in the setting that can tailor your preferences from the use of single or double claws, upswept, cathedral or no shoulders, compass or east west orientation of the sapphire, bezel set or alternative options such as a twisted or split band.

Single Claw Setting and Setting Without Shoulders

A creamy pastel grey sapphire elegantly captured in a platinum setting with a single rounded bead claw in each corner of this emerald cut sapphire and expertly poised atop of the rounded 2mm band excluding the need for shoulder supports in this sapphire solitaire engagement ring.

Double Claw Setting

Dynamic sapphire solitaire starring a 4 ct natural serendipitous cushion shaped cornflower blue sapphire secured by rounded double claws in a high polish platinum setting with a 2mm half round band.

Setting with Upswept Shoulders  

A stunning natural unheated radiant cut Ceylon blue sapphire buttressed by upsweeping shoulder supports and held high by pointed pear shaped claws in pinkish tones of 18k rose gold. A solitaire engagement ring the ultimate in simplicity.


Alternative Band  - Twisted or Split Band 

A unique upswept twisted split band of 18k rose gold captures this gorgeous radiant cut rosy lilac sapphire with pointed pear shaped claws and a dainty rounded band of 1.6mm wide. An exquisite sapphire solitaire engagement ring.

Cathedral Setting

Rounded double claws hug this magnificent over 2 ct cushion shaped cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire in a portrait position that rests snugly into a cathedral setting on a half round 18k white gold band. A truly divine natural sapphire solitaire engagement ring.

Alternative Solitaire - Compass Setting

A prestigious and cushion cut natural cornflower blue Sri Lankan sapphire of 4 ct is secured by pointed pear shaped claws in this north, south, east, west unique compass setting with a flat band of 2mm in 18k yellow gold. An alternative bespoke sapphire solitaire engagement ring.



East West Solitaire Setting

A sublime and delicate 2 ct mint green natural sapphire lying in a horizontal east west position, anchored by a half bezel of 18k yellow gold and emulating linear lines of the rectangular sapphire and flat square band of 2mm. A dare to be different alternative sapphire solitaire engagement ring.


A tension style bezel setting on a slightly rounded wide band of 18k white gold cradles a lively opulent natural oval Ceylon blue sapphire of 2 ct in an east west refined and clever sapphire solitaire alignment.


Bezel Setting Sapphire Solitaire

An 18k yellow gold elongated circular bezel setting poised on a half rounded shiny band of 2mm without shoulder supports gracefully embraces this exotic natural grey oval sapphire. An exclusive individual natural sapphire engagement ring.


Solitaire sapphire engagement rings are timeless classics whether they recreate an old-world romantic look or an alternative modern day bespoke style they will endure and carry the same message of love and sincerity into the future.

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