As most of you have probably seen, we recently had some small unheated sapphires in many colors coming to online store. Amongst them was this unusual violetish grey sapphire. I don’t believe many of you have even heard of grey colored sapphires. They are quite rare and unknown to many. Grey is also considered an ‘undesirable’ color when it comes to sapphires. Therefore, there prices are relatively low due to lower demand.

What is so fascinating about sapphires is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A stone that would be undesirable to one may be the most desirable to another.

Regardless of perceived value, I found this to be quite an interesting piece. Unlike stronger colored sapphires, this one tend to reflect all the pretty colors that fall on it. So if you are wearing blue and green, its facets reflect those colors.

One of my close friends who saw this stone, fell in love with it straight away. She says it’ll go beautifully with her mum’s silver hair and that it’ll be a fabulous Christmas gift mum and her can share. What a thoughtful way to celebrate Christmas.

Many more small blue, yellow, pink and purple sapphires in store for you to pick a precious gift for your favorite. May be you will get to share the present too?

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