1.18 ct Padparadscha Sapphire Emerald Cut Natural Unheated

$4,356.00 AUD

An emerald cut padparadcha sapphire that is of natural unheated soft orangish colour in pristine clarity. This over 1 carat natural loose padparadscha sapphire has a combination of qualities such as pristine clarity and natural unheated colour that makes it a rare find. 

This padparadscha sapphire is available to purchase as a loose sapphire or contact us to enquire regarding custom fine jewellery creation. 

Carat: 1.18
Colour: Orangish Pink
L x W x D (mm): 5.90 x 5.07 x 4.26
Cut: Emerald Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Unheated
Origin: Madagascar

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