0.74 ct Silver Grey Natural Unheated Sapphire

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SILVER   Silver grey natural sapphires have been popular lately and we are so pleased have this one in our collection.  Grey sapphires are made of two tones and in this gemstone the second tone is violet which is complementary for grey colour. In red ray rich incandescent (candle) light, violet tone is a bit more prominent creating a dark grey look.  Petite at 0.74 carat, so much you can do in the jewellery design. In saying that this loose sapphire has a high brilliance that it will look great in the simplest setting. Work with your local goldsmith to create custom sapphire ring with this beautiful gemstone.  We can imagine this being set in a raw white gold ring.

Species: Natural Corundum Colour: Greyish Violet Carat: 0.74ct Shape & Cut: Radiant Cut  Clarity: Eye Clean Dimensions (mm): 5.56 x 4.04 x 3.42 Enhancement: None Origin: Ceylon    

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