1.65 ct Orange Natural Unheated Sapphire

SKU: OS276

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TWILIGHT ROMANCE This is one of a kind sapphires that cannot be categorised under any one colour. It has pink and yellow mix of hues getting closer to the colour of a padparadscha sapphire. Definitely a choice as an apricot or peach colour sapphire.  Fine jewellery design ideas with this natural loose sapphire; Pink diamond or pink sapphire halo in rose gold. Champagne diamond halo in yellow gold. White diamond halo for a classic look. Two baguette cut diamonds either side.

Species: Natural Corundum Colour: Pinkish Yellowish Orange  Carat: 1.65 ct  Shape & Cut: Rectangular Mixed Cut/ Radiant Cut   Clarity: Very Slight Inclusion  Dimensions (mm):     7.48 x 5.15 x 4.64 Enhancement: None Origin: Sri Lanka    

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