2.11 ct Blue Oval Cut Natural Unheated Sapphire

$4,209.00 AUD

Beautiful 2 carat oval Ceylon sapphire. This sapphire has been very well cut by our dedicated gem cutter to achieve high brilliance while enhancing the richness of colour. 

It has visible feather/fingerprint type inclusion running in to the stone in the middle which is visible on first photo. It adds character to the gem and is negligible considering the richness of medium blue hue in an unheated sapphire.  

Create one of a kind oval sapphire engagement ring.  

Oval Ceylon sapphire custom engagement ring ideas;

  • White diamond halo sapphire ring will highlight the intensity and brightness of the medium blue.
  • Claw set solitaire sapphire ring in yellow gold with the sapphire being set horizontally.
  • Solitaire sapphire in while gold with small diamond running along the band to add a bit more sparkle.   

Certificate will be uploaded shortly.  

Species: Natural Corundum
Colour: Vivid Medium Blue 
Carat: 2.11
Shape & Cut: Oval mixed cut
Clarity: Slight Inclusion - Feather visible when slightly tilted
Dimensions (mm):

8.31 x 6.14 x 5.49

Enhancement: None
Origin: Ceylon

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