4.05 ct Yellow Natural Unheated Sapphire

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What an incredible find. This intense yellow 4 carat yellow sapphire is completely natural and untreated. Yellow colour such as this is rare to come by in sapphires without any chemical treatments and to find it in this size and clarity is even more good reasons to celebrate.  

We must say that photographing yellow sapphires is not the easiest as it it captures black reflection of the camera. There is no black in the stone of course but pure brilliance and sparkle of yellow. 

Please continue to watch the video. 

Sapphires like this gets our heart racing every time we look at it.

It will make a stunning engagement ring or gift to celebrate a special occasion of course. 

Custom sapphire engagement ring design ideas with this magnificent yellow sapphire;

  • This sapphire of course would look great in a diamond halo in white gold, could go with double halo as well. 
  • With sparkle like this you can set the sapphire in a simple yet elegant solitaire yellow gold ring, set in claws to really outline the gemstone. 

Quality of our gemstones speaks for themselves. 

Certificate will be uploaded as soon as possible. 


Species: Natural Corundum
Colour: Yellow 
Carat: 4.05
Shape & Cut: Rectangular Radiant Cut 
Clarity: Eye Clean
Dimensions (mm):    

8.53 x 7.50 x 6.16

Enhancement: None
Origin: Sri Lanka

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