3.24 ct Grey Square Radiant Cut Natural Unheated Sapphire

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One of the best sapphires to offer in our collection without a doubt. Not everyday that we come across incredible gemstones such as this. Spectacular silver grey sapphire colour with a faintest hint of aqua picking up in some lighting and in impressive over 3 carat square cut! It truly is one of a kind gemstone and we can promise that you will not find another one even remotely close to this natural silver grey sapphire. Hand cut to perfection by our incredible gem cutter in Sri Lanka into highly sought after square shape. 

Completely free of any treatments means the sapphire is naturally clean and displays its natural colour. It is pretty amazing to find a sapphire in this state of clarity, naturally. 

Create one of a kind square cut sapphire custom engagement ring with this natural loose sapphire.  

Species: Natural Corundum

Vivid grey with a touch of aqua

Carat: 3.24
Shape & Cut: Square radiant cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Dimensions (mm):

8.04 x 8.04 x 5.50mm 

Enhancement: None
Origin: Madagascar
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