6.70 ct Dark Blue Green Cushion Cut Natural Unheated Sapphire

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We are in love with this near 7 carat unheated untreated blue green Madagascan parti sapphire. This stone is mysteriously dark with plenty of bright flashes within it.  Flawless cut by our talented cutter in Sri Lanka from a rough stone that started over 19 carat.

There are some pits along the girdle line that were left behind from the rough gemstone but once the stone is set these would not be distracting to the beauty.  

One of a kind certified natural blue green sapphire.

Carat: 6.70
Colour: Bluish green sapphire
L x W x D (mm): 11.73 x 9.63 x 6.07mm
Cut: Cushion cut
Clarity: Eye clean to VVS - Pit along girdle, iron staining
Treatment: Unheated Certified
Origin: Madagascar
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