1.59 ct Padmaraga Natural Unheated Sapphire

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The rarest of all sapphires, Padmaraga Sapphire as we call it in Sri Lanka. It is also known as Padparadscha. This is one of the finest quality padparadscha sapphire. Great cut and excellent brilliance. The fingerprint inclusion on left hand side of the photo close to the girdle (edge) is visible at close inspection, other inclusions that are magnified in the photo aren't visible in actual size. Magnificent lustre. 

Pinkish tone has not captured on photos and the video very well.

Species: Natural Corundum
Colour: Pinkish Orange
Carat: 1.54
Shape & Cut: Rect. cushion mixed cut
Clarity: Slight Inclusions
Dimensions (mm):

7.33 x 5.99 x 4.02

Enhancement: None
Origin: Ceylon

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