1.12 ct Peach Sapphire Emerald Cut Unheated Ceylon

SKU: YS1108

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An alluring peach sapphire in a modern, elongated emerald cut shape weighing over 1 carat. This unheated peach sapphire is of Ceylon origins and is a vibrant mix of pink and yellow. Our master gem cutter encased this magical peach sapphire in an emerald cut shape to showcase its colour as well as superior clarity. Colour will be even more highlighted when set in a complimentary rose or yellow gold. Over 1 carat in weight in excellent proportions, this fine sapphire is ideal for a modern day peach sapphire engagement ring. 

Carat: 1.12
Colour: Pinkish Yellow
L x W x D (mm): 6.74 x 4.30 x 3.63
Cut: Emerald Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Unheated
Origin: Sri Lanka

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