2.00 ct Teal Grey Green Sapphire Emerald Cut Unheated Madagascar

SKU: GS1227

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Attractive teal grey green sapphire with splashes of blue and olive. Emerald cut to 2 carat by our skilled cutter to enhance the melange of colours and and clarity. This natural grey green sapphire of Madagascan origin has been independently certified as unheated and would make an outstanding jewellery piece. This sapphire displays colour shifting effect where the sapphire can appear more grey tones in some lighting and more green tones in other lighting. 

This natural teal grey green sapphire is available to purchase as a loose sapphire or contact us to enquire regarding custom fine jewellery creation. 

Carat: 2.00
Colour: Green
L x W x D (mm): 7.03 x 5.82 x 4.75
Cut: Emerald Cut - Rectangular Step Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Unheated
Origin: Madagascar

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