3.10 ct Teal Sapphire Cushion Natural Unheated

SKU: GS1780

$8,295.00 USD

A magnificent natural and unheated Madagascan teal sapphire with its characteristic and intriguing blend of bluish green hues. A large 3 carat sapphire expertly hand cut into a rectangular cushion shape that is ready to take centre stage to add a dramatic effect to a classic trilogy ring. 

This teal sapphire is available to purchase as a loose sapphire or contact us to enquire regarding custom fine jewellery creation. 

Carat: 3.10
Colour: Bluish Green
L x W x D (mm): 8.61 x 6.98 x 5.71

Cut: Rectangular Cushion Mixed Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean*
Treatment: Unheated Certified
Origin: Madagascar

* Minute surface crystal close to girdle on pavilion (underneath) the gem. Not visible to the front.

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