3.74 ct Vivid Yellow Sapphire Unheated Sri Lanka

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An illuminating vivid yellow unheated sapphire from Ceylon origins, also known as Sri Lanka. This exceptional near 4 carat sapphire is of superior clarity and our master cutter has transformed the rough crystal into a rectangular radiant cut, perfectly revealing its vivid yellow tones and vibrancy. 
This ravishing yellow sapphire is a shining example of its origins in Sri Lanka, evident in its high brilliance, luminosity and purity of yellow tone without any secondary green tones often seen in yellow sapphires from other origins. Yellow sapphires of this calibre is an extraordinary find among rarity of gem quality sapphires.  A fitting natural gemstone for a unique, exquisite yellow sapphire engagement ring or fine jewellery. 

Carat:  3.74
Colour: Yellow
L x W x D (mm): 9.90 x 7.06 x 5.51
Cut: Rectangular Mixed Cut
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Unheated
Origin: Sri Lanka

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