Embracing Sapphire Hearts

The heart shape represents a symbol of enduring love that dates back centuries and continues to this day however a new generation approach to a heart sapphire shows unique versatility in silhouettes and design.

Heart sapphires are the best translation of affection either for that romantic proposal, statement necklace or a self-gift dress ring to be worn everyday.

Imagination, colour and shape inspire the creation of the quintessential jewel of devotion, friendship or affection from a Valentine’s Day proposal to an effortlessly styled cocktail event or jewellery to be paired with your t-shirt and jeans.

Select an exquisite Deliqa Gems heart sapphire in a colour that speaks to you, be it champagne, pink, yellow, teal or blue and create a bespoke jewellery piece. Perhaps a striking solitaire with classic proportions on a single necklace is “your look” or possibly a combination of accompanying gemstones, halo or intricate details that highlight the sapphire heart is your preferred option.


No matter which way you embrace a heart sapphire it will always be an endearing gift of love, an element of joy and fun and a legendary warm hug.

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