Pink Sapphire Rose Gold Engagement Ring Jewellery Combination

A delicate peachy blend of the elusive and mesmerising natural lotus blossom coloured padparadscha sapphire or a sizzling vivid pink sapphire from Deliqa Gems mounted in 18k rose gold creates an alluring partnership of pink on pink. A complementary fusion of blush, hot pink or rosé express a tender and exotic composition.

Rose gold is a popular modern choice of metal as it adds a new style translation to the more traditional yellow and white gold settings. The warm pink accents of rose gold perfectly complement the lighter pink, vivid pink and padparadscha sapphires in a subtle contrast but refreshing blend of tints and tones.

Take the colour pink, synonymous with romance and passion, rose gold and pink sapphires in new directions to create an amazing mix of lightness, indulgence and a glowing aura suitable for all skin tones. This delicious pink sapphire with a rose gold combination for engagement or dress rings will delight all who wear it.

 our exquisite range to begin creating your pink sapphire engagement ring or sapphire jewellery in rose gold. We work with our clientele from worldwide.

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