Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Jewellery Combination

Colour and design unite with a personal preference of sapphire and metal colours creating an opportunity for a bespoke jewel that has an individual touch and visual harmony. 

When two primary colours blue and yellow stand cheek to cheek it’s not co-incidental that the calm and serenity of the hand-selected natural Deliqa Gems blue sapphire is enlivened by the energy burst of yellow gold forging a visual contrast yet an alliance of warmth and charm. 
Setting blue sapphire in yellow gold does not change the tones of blue in the sapphire engagement ring or sapphire jewellery like you may imagine. 

blue sapphire yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow gold adds warm colour to the overall final piece of jewellery that is created with calming cooler tones of a blue sapphire. 

Yellow gold often highlights the setting which is essentially the frame that holds the sapphire when creating gold jewellery. Yellow is also the natural earth mined colour of gold. 

We are often asked if adding diamonds to your sapphire engagement ring will deter attention from the sapphire itself. When incorporating diamonds in a yellow gold set blue sapphire ring or jewellery, addition of diamonds will provide sparkle and decorativeness to the final piece of “sapphire jewellery” and will certainly not draw away from the fact that it is a "sapphire engagement ring” or a "sapphire jewellery”. Flashes of yellow gold in between white diamonds and blue sapphire is alluring and warm to see. 

yellow gold blue sapphire engagement ring hidden halo

Yellow gold and natural blue sapphire colour will always make a divine combination and will look great on all skin tones.

Shop our exquisite range to begin creating your blue sapphire engagement ring or sapphire jewellery in yellow gold. We work with our clientele from worldwide. 

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