Sapphire White Gold Engagement Ring Jewellery Combination

That stunning, coloured sapphire solitaire or cluster ring framed in an 18k white gold or platinum setting bestows a flattering but discreet signature to the jewel. Subtle and understated with its hushed silvery tones the white gold supports the hero sapphire in a pure balance of sincerity without diminishing its radiance and reflections.

The cooler tints of white gold and platinum with their off white and pale grey tones form the setting framework which not only support the jewellery piece structurally but provides a soft balanced feel that enriches the sparkle of any Deliqa Gems yellow, blue, green, pink, champagne or violet sapphire.


Coloured sapphires with a white gold or platinum engagement ring or sapphire jewellery combination strengthens the sapphires light reflections to shine brightly and take centre stage to the metal, creating a tonal harmony suitable for all skin tones. 

If incorporating diamonds in the jewellery design, white gold or platinum metal will also merge the brilliance of diamonds in to the structure of the jewellery.  This will further highlight the sapphire colour with brilliance surrounding it. 

Shop our exquisite range to begin creating your colour sapphire engagement ring or sapphire jewellery in white gold or platinum. We work with our clientele from worldwide.

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