What was the most thrilling celebrity engagement news last Valentine's Day?

Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney!

It was a custom designed heart shaped diamond, rumoured to be worth over half a million dollars! New era for heart shaped gemstones?

What fascinates me the most is the thought that went in to creating it; Taylor went on to selecting rather a daring shape, not seen among other celebrities. Isn't that what Lady Gaga is all about? Not only that he had it custom made, he took a step further and made it even more personalised. Lady Gaga described this on Instagram;

"My favorite part of my engagement ring, Taylor and Lorraine designed 'T♥S' in white diamonds on the band. He always called me by my birth name. Since our very first date. I'm such a happy bride-to-be! I can't stop smiling!!"

We can't stop smiling either!

Know your ladies gentleman; you will be surprised to know how special she wants her engagement ring to be!

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