Sapphires with Coloured Metal Engagement Ring Jewellery Combination

A sapphire, of which there are a myriad of beautiful colours to choose from, can be exclusively curated with a precious metal whether it be white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or a mix of metals and fashioned into a dynamic and individual jewel. This bespoke medley of colours whispers the wearer’s personal expression of originality, affection and vitality. 

Perhaps you choose a green sapphire because green is your favourite colour and evokes harmony with nature. You may want to pair this warm tone serene green sapphire with a complementing warmer yellow or rose gold metal to achieve a combination that demands attention. Alternatively, you may prefer the colour of the green sapphire to be the super star and use the cooler coloured metal of white gold or platinum as a subtle setting. 

Another exciting new trend is the confident use of different coloured metals in the one engagement ring or jewellery sapphire piece, for example yellow and white gold with a yellow sapphire, or white and rose gold with a pink sapphire, almost conflicting with the rules of design however moreover sensationally conceiving a contemporary cutting-edge original design that enhances the beauty of the sapphire.

The ultimate sapphire and coloured metal engagement ring or sapphire jewellery combination is the balance of warm or cool tones, gemstone colour and metal it is set it, other decorative additions or textures but the ultimate design is one that tells your story and makes your heart sing.

Shop our exquisite range to begin creating your colour sapphire engagement ring or sapphire jewellery in yellow, white or rose gold or platinum. We work with our clientele from worldwide.

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